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Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee consists of a Chairperson "appointed" by the Executive Committee for a 3 year term and an unspecified number of volunteer members - normally five or six, who interview and select the scholarship award winners.


Committee members’ names are not published until after the scholarship selection process is complete to preclude any possibility of influencing their selection decisions.




Tana Little

200 Pear Court

Nashville, TN 37221

(615) 308-9022




2022 Scholarship Application


2018 Scholarship Winners




Contact the committee chairperson to volunteer for service on this committee.


Central High Alumni Assoc.

P.O. Box 404

Hermitage, TN 37076-0404

615-291-6614, ext. 1918

Hail to the Blue and Gold

Hail Central High

Loyal and true

We'll be to you

Long as the years go by.


Up to the vaulted sky

Fling thy proud fold

Standard of might and right,

The blue and Gold.

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