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Welcome to the Nashville Central High School Alumni Website


(The above color print of Central High School was drawn by J. M. Garner) 

Central High School

Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee
1917 - 1971

Founded in 1917 as the first public high school in the county system, Central High School stood from 1921 -1971. One of the earliest student government associations in the South began here. 


Many graduates became city and county political leaders. The last mayor of the old Nashville City Government, Ben West, and the first Metro Government mayor, Beverly Briley, were classmates here.  


The last graduating class was 1971 after which the school, located in south Nashville on the hill above the State Fairgrounds on Raines Avenue between Wedgewood Avenue, and Southgate Avenue, was torn down and converted to a Public Television Station.




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Central High Alumni Assoc.

P.O. Box 404

Hermitage, TN 37076-0404

615-291-6614, ext. 1918

Hail to the Blue and Gold

Hail Central High

Loyal and true

We'll be to you

Long as the years go by.


Up to the vaulted sky

Fling thy proud fold

Standard of might and right,

The blue and Gold.

Central High School Alumni Association

2024 Scholarship Requirements


Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

  • Student scheduled to graduate in 2024.


  • Student is natural or legally adopted direct descendant (child, grandchild, great-grandchild) of a Nashville Central High School graduate OR a person who attended Nashville Central High School for at least two (2) years and did not transfer to or graduate from another high school.


  • Student is planning to attend a four (4) year college or university.


  • Student does not have a full scholarship from another source.


To obtain a scholarship application with instructions, contact Tana Little beginning October 1, 2023


Address:                      200 Pear Court

                                        Nashville, TN 37221

Telephone:                 615-308-9022 (leave message)


Scholarship applications must be sent to Tana Little by February 17, 2024

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